Automotive industry is a significant industrial sector of the Slovak economy, production of which makes up approximately 30% of the total industrial production in Slovakia. The following analysis of the Slovak automotive industry is based on available information on more than 300 companies found on websites such as,, and which are compiled from publicly available information from the Registry of Financial Statements managed by the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic available on Its goal is not to create exact statistical analyses but to point out some indicators and trends in this sector based on chosen indicators of the representative sample that might be of interest for either a professional or non-professional community.

There are currently three large car companies doing business in Slovakia: Volkswagen (Bratislava), PSA Peugeot Citroën (Trnava), and Kia Motors (Žilina). With the arrival of these companies many doors also opened for a lot of other firms almost all in sectors that became the suppliers of the automotive industry. The suppliers of automotive industry are also significant contributors to the total industrial production in Slovakia and to the labor market (job creators). As can be seen from the following graph, production of vehicles represents a significant part of the whole industrial production in the Slovak republic, which represents 30%. From one year to another we notice in production a slight drop, which is probably caused by a drop in the production of automobiles.

Volkswagen, Kia and PSA built together 1 038 503 vehicles in 2015 which makes up for a year increase of production of 65 853 automobiles (+6,77 %). First time in history of Slovak Republic was built more than 1 milion cars in one year. Of the three companies, in 2015 Volkswagen built the most cars (397 458 ) which, however, means a year-over-year increase of 2 983 pieces. The first place in the production of automobiles was retained by Volkswagen not only in 2014 and 2013 but also in the year 2012. However, in the years 2010 and 2011 the biggest producer of automobiles in Slovakia was the company Kia Motors Slovakia.

Production of cars in Slovak Republic

Production of cars in Slovak Republic

The complete analysis of Development of Slovak Automotive Industry in 2015 will be available soon also in English version.

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